U.S. Army National Guard - Supply units guidon

Supply units (ARNG)

A U.S. Army National Guard - Supply units guidon is a swallow-tailed unit marker, 20-inch hoist by a 27-inch fly, the swallow-tail end forked l0 inches. Fringe is not used on guidons. Guidons are made of bunting cloth or nylon, unless otherwise specified. Design elements will appear on the opposite side as if printed through the material. Letters and numerals will read from left to right on each side of the guidon. The letters and numbers on guidons are 3 1/2 inches high unless otherwise indicated.
When a SSI is authorized for use on the guidon, the design will appear proper on both sides.


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National Guard guidon

U.S. Army National Guard - Supply Units- U.S. ARMY GUIDON

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